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Delores Fossen Cowboy Dreaming

Delores Fossen Christmas Guardian

Delores Fossen Wild Stallion

Delores Fossen Security Blanket

Delores Fossen Daddy Devastating

Delores Fossen Secret Delivery

Delores Fossen Expecting Trouble

Delores Fossen She's Positive

Delores Fossen Shotgun Sheriff

Delores Fossen Sawyer

Delores Fossen Questioning the Heiress

Delores fossen cowboy dreaming. Delores Fossen - Fantastic Fiction

Author Delores Fossen's complete list of books and series in order, with the latest releases, covers, descriptions and availability.

Delores Fossen - Fantastic Fiction

Author Delores Fossen's complete list of books and series in order, with the latest releases, covers, descriptions and availability.

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Delores Fossen The Texas Lawman's Last Stand

Delores Fossen The Christmas Clue

Delores Fossen The Baby's Guardian

Delores Fossen Branded by the Sheriff

Tommy Hilfiger Dreaming

Кружка Printio Stop dreaming start doing

Кружка. Stop dreaming start doing Заканчивай мечтать и начинай делать!

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Printio Stop dreaming start doing похожие


Cathy Thacker Gillen One Wild Cowboy and A To Marry: / to Marry

TWO WESTERN TALES ABOUT FINDING LOVE…AND FAMILY!ONE WILD COWBOYAll Emily McCabe wants is for Dylan Reeves to pretend they're dating, so she can get her overprotective clan out of her life. But he flat out refuses. So why does the sexy horse whisperer kiss her in front of the whole town? Could the untamable bachelor actually be dreaming of making a life with Laramie County's most willful woman?A COWBOY TO MARRYThe only way for widow Libby Lowell to move on with her life is to leave Laramie, Texas. But Holden McCabe isn't letting Libby go. Not after she turned to him in her hour of need…and their passion created a baby. Is this their biggest mistake, or the second chance they've both been searching for?

489.32 RUR



Delores Fossen Covert Conception

Natalie Sinclair was stunned to discover she'd been drugged – and impregnated.Even more shocking was the identity of her baby's father: Rick Gravari, her sworn enemy. Now the only way to uncover the truth and reveal the mastermind behind their mysterious one night together was to join forces with the one man who was completely off-limits.As the peril around them intensified, Natalie realized the dangerous men on their trail were nothing compared to the tender emotions provoked by her baby's father. But could she trust her once formidable foe's determination in his role as hard-nosed defender?

120.31 RUR



Delores Fossen The Cradle Files

Months after Lexie Rayburn faked her own disappearance, someone injected her with a drug that robbed her of her memories, and kidnapped her newborn baby.Now, the only hope for locating her daughter rested on the too-broad shoulders of Garrett O'Malley – the one man she swore she'd never set eyes on again. But someone would stop at nothing to ensure Lexie never learned the truth about her baby's disappearance.Still, as the danger escalated, Lexie wondered which posed a greater risk: the killer on their trail or a reunion with her baby's father….

366.07 RUR



Сумка Printio Don't stop dreaming


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